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Welcome to Slow Down Dolls!

Slow Down Dolls Children at play for kids safety famiy baby

What is the Slow Down Doll?

Standing at 3 ft x 2 ft, The Slow Down Doll is a Patent Pending child at play sign.  Designed by parents to grab drivers attention and make them slow down, each child at play sign is waterproof and UV treated. + 3M™ Series 3930 High-Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting (the same coating used on street signs) to ensure high  visibility in any driving condition.

The Slow Down Project

Slow Down Dolls Children at play sign for kids safety
Slow Down Dolls Children at play kids safety famiy baby

Slow Down Dolls was created for one simple reason: to keep our roads and children safe.   Our idea started when people in our neighborhood were speeding right past various child at play signs like they weren't there!  It got us so upset that people were putting our kids in danger, we knew there had to be a better way to stop this. Ultimately, we started to shop around for a better child at play sign, but with no luck, we decided that we needed to take action and make an improvement to the decades old design that everybody is used to.  That day, The Slow Down Project was born.

According to, about 400 children aged 15 and under are killed each year after being hit by a vehicle. In addition, every year, 1,700 children under the age of 16 are killed and 240,000 are injured in car accidents.


The Slow Down Doll mixes state-of-the-art technology and a child at play sign to mirror a real child, grabbing drivers' attention and reminding them to slow down around our homes, neighborhoods, parks, events, playgrounds, and more. Every place that has kids being kids needs their own speed reduction sign that actually works.

Slow Down Dolls Children at play kids safety famiy baby
Slow Down Dolls Children at play kids safety famiy baby
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Contact Us

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