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The Slow Down Project

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

When you're about to drive up to a child what do you do? You automatically go on alert, you slow down, you look all over for more kids! You don't think about these things it's deeply engrained into our every being, that theres nothing more important than protecting a child.. We're using psychology mixed with technology to make drivers instinctively slow down!

Over the past year we've been testing out everything under the sun, literally, from UV protection to what colors are most visible, what reflective material works best and what kind of ground stakes to use.

We've gained a lot of knowledge along the way and caught the attention of parents in neighborhoods across the country. We're very proud to say our products work. drivers think thats a real kid standing there holding a sign looking right at them, they slow down, they stop wondering what is going on!

The team from the the University of South Carolina & The Slow Down Project is going to identify high risk areas in neighborhoods, measure the traffic flow data, catalog speed and compare the before and after results.

We are working on a study with the USC to help us slow down traffic one street at a time. Our team of students, moms and dads are committed to making it safer for kids to play in their own neighborhoods. Our long term goal is to have our signs for school zones helping crossing guards alert drivers before they reach their post. Dr. Chen

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