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The Full Story


Greeting Safe Kids and Parents! My name is Greg with Slow Down Dolls, I wanted to thank you for advocating for child safety.


Slow Down Dolls was created for one simple reason: to keep our roads and children safer.   Our idea started when people in our neighborhood were speeding right past various child at play signs like they weren't there!  It got us so upset that people were putting our kids in danger, we knew there had to be a better way to stop this. Ultimately, we started to shop around for a child at play sign for a team member's child,  and we decided that we needed to take action and make an improvement to the decades old design that everybody is used to.  That day, The Slow Down Project was born.

Every year, families are struck by drivers who are going too fast. To help combat this problem, Slow Down Dolls has created various different signs, such as the Slow Down Hero and Construction Cory. This highly visible, realistic sign alerts drivers to slow down and watch for pedestrians. The Slow Down Hero is made in the USA from durable, weatherproof corrugated plastic and utilizes 3M reflective sheeting for high visibility day and night. With its double-sided design, the Slow Down Hero is sure to get drivers' attention! For neighborhoods, parks, homes and friends and families everywhere, the Slow Down Doll is a must-have safety product. Let's work together to keep our loved ones safe!



Our mission is to provide parents with the safest Child at Play Sign we can.  Coated in 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Vinyl, which is commonly used on stop signs, the Slow Down Doll is designed to grab the driver's attention and caution them to slow down.


At the end of the day, our vision involves having the safest roads possible using the Slow Down Doll.  With the Slow Down Doll's revolutionary Child at Play Sign design, parents should no longer have fear when it comes to their children playing in the street.

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