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Children at Play Signs Promoting Child Safety

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Children at play sign

Children are the most vulnerable members of our communities, and it's our responsibility as adults to ensure their safety. Unfortunately, many children are injured or killed in traffic accidents each year, often because of speeding drivers who fail to see them playing in the street. One solution to this problem is the use of "children at play" signs, which can increase awareness of children's presence and promote safer driving habits. In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of "children at play" signs and provide tips for parents to promote children's safety.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, speeding is a critical element of the Safe System Approach and a major safety problem that causes thousands of fatalities every year¹. Speeding endangers everyone on the road, especially

vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and bicyclists². Speeding also causes harm to residents' quality of life and sense of security³.

According to the IIHS child motor vehicle crash deaths 17 percent were pedestrians, and 3 percent were bicyclists. However, this does not include the number of children who were injured but not killed by a car in 2020⁴

1: The Benefits of Children at Play Signs

"Children at play" signs are an effective tool for promoting children's safety in residential areas. These signs work by catching drivers' attention and reminding them to slow down, especially in areas where children are likely to be playing. Here are some of the benefits of using "children at play" signs:

  • Increased awareness: The signs alert drivers to the presence of children, even when they're not visible from the road.

  • Reduced speeding: The signs encourage drivers to slow down and take extra care when driving through residential areas.

  • Improved safety: By reducing speeding, "children at play" signs can help prevent accidents and injuries, making the community safer for everyone.

2: Slow Down Dolls: A Solution for Children's Safety

Designed by dedicated parents to promote children's safety with a range of "children at play" signs that are designed to alert drivers' and encourage them to slow down. Here are some of the features of "Slow Down Dolls" signs:

  • Eye-catching design: The signs feature bright colors and realistic playful images that are sure to get drivers' attention

  • 3M™ Series 3930 High-Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting to shine bright at night

  • Waterproof

  • UV treated: The signs are coated with a UV resistant resin

  • Easy installation: The signs come with everything you need to install them

.By purchasing a children at play sign, parents and community members can take a proactive approach to promoting children's safety and reducing the risk of accidents.

3: Tips for Parents to Promote Children's Safety

While "children at play" signs are a helpful tool for promoting children's safety, parents also have an important role to play. Here are some tips for parents to ensure their children's safety when playing outside:

  • Supervise young children: Young children should always be supervised when playing outside, especially near roads or driveways.

  • Teach older children road safety: Teach older children to look both ways before crossing the street and to always use designated crosswalks.

  • Set clear boundaries: Establish clear boundaries for where children can and cannot play, and make sure they understand these rules.

4: Where to Buy Children at Play Signs

If you're interested in purchasing "children at play" signs please go to and find which you like best.

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