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We would first like to say thank you for purchasing the Slow Down Doll, helping us slow down drivers one street at a time! Each Slow Down Doll comes with 3M™ reflective sheeting and no slip, steel sign stakes.

1. Peel Off the protective lining on the 3M adhesive strips

2. Place the 3m adhesive on the designated spots (highlighted by the sheet pattern)

3. Insert the short end of the steel stakes into the ground approximately 8 inches apart (Pushing the stakes into the sign before the ground will damage the sign as it can create resistance and possibly damage the sign)

4.  Insert the other end of the steel stakes into your slow down doll.  The goal is to have the stakes go into the sign about 3-6 holes away from the outer edge.

And just like that your Slow Down Doll is put together!


A very important factor to take into consideration is placement.  Put yourself in the driver seat and take trees, bushes, mailboxes, etc. into consideration.  Where would the Slow Down Doll best be seen from both directions?

We'd love to see the reactions of drivers in your area.  If you have a dashcam or home security system that catches the Slow Down Doll at work, please tag us  @slowdowndolls, use #slowdowndolls or email the footage to  Thank you for your purchase!


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