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Every day in the United States, more than 40 kids are hit while walking.  Make sure you and your children watch for these 7 easy mistakes.

  1. Walking while Distracted by a phone or headphones.  Remember, phones down & heads up while walking.

  2. Crossing in the middle of the block.  Tempted to cross mid-block? Don't do it.  Take the extra time to cross at the corner.

  3. Walking at night in dark clothes.  Be especially alert when it's dark out.  Make sure drivers can see you.

  4. Not Watching for Careless Drivers.  Look left, right, left before crossing and continue looking in all directions while crossing.

  5. Walking in the Road.  It's always best to walk on sidewalks or paths.  No Sidewalk?  Walk facing traffic as far away from vehicles as possible.

  6. Not Watching out for Cars that are Backing up.  Watch out for cars backing up in parking lots and driveways.

  7. Not Looking out for the Second Car.  Pause at each lane of traffic and make eye contact with the drivers.

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Don't Get Hit by a Car!
7 Easy Tips to Keep it From Happening to You

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